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15 ag include sensors, sensor ICs, interfaces and related software for mobile, consumer, communications, industrial, medical, and automotive markets.

AG decides to expand its product and services range during the late 1970s and chooses the semiconductor industry. AMI Semiconductor, now part of ON Semiconductor was formed. In 1981 this joint venture resulted in the American Micro Systems Inc. In 1983 the Austrian chancellor Fred Sinowatz officially opened the 100mm Wafer factory which started its production with 300 employees. 1987 was the year when voestalpine AG took over full ownership. Furthermore, there were new sales branches established in California and Germany.

In 1991 AMS became one of the 25 fastest growing businesses in Europe. In June 1993 AMS was the first Semiconductor Company in Europe to go public, at the Vienna stock exchange. AMS opened the first sales office in Asia in 1996. In this year the company was also accredited according to the ISO 14001:1996 and EMAS. 1997 AMS achieved first successes in the area of Deep Submicron technologies.

NASAs «Deep Space 2» mission in 1998 took off with 2 chips developed from AMS and the aircraft manufacturer Boeing. These chips were designed to manage the power supply of the whole space probe. In the same year the company was accredited according to the American and German Automotive industry, QS 9000 and VDA 6. 2000 AMS set the foundation for the new 200mm Wafer factory. With the support of its new private equity shareholder Permira, AMS left the Vienna stock exchange the same year. This resulted in a further name change to austriamicrosystems AG. The new 200mm production line starts its trial run.

After the successful trial run the new 200mm Wafer factory goes ahead with the mass production in 2002. New sales offices in Singapore were opened in the same year, furthermore an expansion of locations in Hong Kong, Japan and the USA was carried out. Silicon Strategies listed austriamicrosystems as the only European company under the top ten 2003 Foundries worldwide. 2004 was the year austriamicrosystems AG found its way back to the stock exchange. Since 17 May that year austriamicrosystems AG is listed on the Swiss Stock exchange, short SIX, in Z├╝rich. In 2005 the standard products as well as the capacity of the 200mm Wafer factory were expanded to compensate for the shut down of the old 100mm factory which played a main part in the success of austriamicrosystems AG. In 2006, the year of the 25th anniversary, a new test centre in the Philippines and a new design centre in India were built.

The 200mm Wafer factory was also expanded further. In 2007 austriamicrosystems AG stepped into new business segments in the form of a ag with the micro motor manufacturer New Scale Technologies. AG reduced emissions and plans in the mid term to produce CO2-free. Nevertheless, 15 AG reached revenues amounting to EUR 209.

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TAOS works in the area of light sensor technologies. In May 2012 austriamicrosystems rebrands to «ams». The new brand name ams conjoins austriamicrosystems and the brand of TAOS, a supplier of intelligent lights sensors, acquired in 2011. Furthermore, ams AG acquired IDS Microchip AG in the same year.

Since May 13, 2013 Kirk Laney, former CEO of TAOS Inc. John Heugle, head of company for 11 years. On June 25, 2014 ams published a statement of a possible merger of equals with Dialog Semiconductor. In July 2015 ams acquired the advanced CMOS sensor business from NXP.

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