A biography of richard marcinko the leader of the best counter terrorists team called red cell

This biography of a A biography of richard marcinko the leader of the best counter terrorists team called red cell person needs additional citations for verification.

In January 1967, Marcinko deployed to Vietnam with 2nd Platoon, SEAL Team TWO for a six month tour of duty. Viet Cong and destroyed six of their sampans. Marcinko returned to Vietnam with SEAL Team TWO after a few months stateside as Officer-in-Charge of 8th Platoon from Dec 1967 to June 1968. During the Tet Offensive, Marcinko ordered his platoon to assist U.

Army Special A biography of richard marcinko the leader of the best counter terrorists team called red cell at Châu Đốc. After completing his second tour in Vietnam and a two-year stateside staff assignment, Marcinko was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and assigned as the Naval Attache to Cambodia in 1973. Marcinko was the first commanding officer of this new unit.

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At the time, the Navy had only two SEAL teams. Marcinko purportedly named the unit SEAL Team Six in order to confuse other nations, specifically the Soviet Union, into believing that the United States had at least three other SEAL teams that they were unaware of. He personally selected the unit’s members from across the U. After relinquishing command of SEAL Team SIX to CDR Robert Gormly, Marcinko was tasked by Vice Admiral James «Ace» Lyons, Deputy Chief of Naval Operations, with the design of a unit to test the Navy’s vulnerability to terrorism.

This unit was the Naval Security Coordination Team OP-06D, unofficially named Red Cell. This team tested the security of naval bases, nuclear submarines, ships, civilian airports, and an American embassy. Under Marcinko’s leadership, the team could infiltrate seemingly impenetrable highly secured bases, nuclear submarines, ships, and other purported «secure areas» such as Air Force One, and disappear without incident. Former members of Red Cell maintain that these exercises were a cover to move special warfare operators around the world for covert missions against real-world terrorists.

Marcinko retired from the Navy on February 1, 1989 with thirty years, three months and 17 days of enlisted and commissioned active duty service. 113,000 paid to Ramco International, a company set up by Marcinko and former SEAL John B. Mason, by Accuracy Systems, a Phoenix, Arizona-based arms manufacturer owned by Charles M. Marcinko was convicted of conspiracy to defraud the government on January 24, 1990. The jury in that trial also acquitted Marcinko of a separate count of bribery.

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Aslib Proceedings Special Issue critical thinking and communication University College Dublin, Guest Editor Ian Cornelius.

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