A short biography of philosopher and mathematician bernard bolzano

This article is A short biography of philosopher and mathematician bernard bolzano the year 1781.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to 1781. William Pitt the Younger, later Prime Minister of Great Britain, enters Parliament, aged 21. Industrial Revolution: The Iron Bridge opens across the River Severn in England. Virginia passes a law ceding its western land claims, paving the way for Maryland to ratify the Articles of Confederation. American Revolutionary War: Richmond, Virginia is burned by British naval forces, led by Benedict Arnold. Battle of Jersey: British troops prevent the French from occupying Jersey in the Channel Islands. The Articles of Confederation are ratified by Maryland, the 13th and final state to do so.

Capture of Sint Eustatius: British forces take the Dutch Caribbean island of Sint Eustatius, with only a few shots fired. On November 26 it is retaken by Dutch-allied French forces. Riots break out in Socorro, Santander, and spread to other towns. The United States Continental Congress implements the Articles of Confederation, forming its Perpetual Union as the United States in Congress Assembled. Sir William Herschel discovers the planet Uranus. King George III of Great Britain.

A short biography of philosopher and mathematician bernard bolzano of Guilford Court House: American General Nathanael Greene loses to the British. The rebellion by Túpac Amaru II, against the Spanish colonial government of Peru, is ended as Tupac, his wife and two of his sons are captured at Checacupe. President Andrew Jackson, age 14, is slashed by a British officer’s sword at his home near Waxhaw, North Carolina, after refusing to clean the officer’s boots, an event that leaves physical and psychological scars. The Continental Congress votes a resolution thanking U.

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Captain John Paul Jones for his services. Future New York mayor James Duane, North Carolina representative William Sharpe and future Connecticut governor Oliver Wolcott deliver the first report to the U. General John Campbell, defender of the British colony of West Florida, surrenders the capital at Pensacola to Spanish forces commanded by Bernardo de Galvez. A Spanish army sent from Lima puts down the Inca rebellions, and captures and savagely executes Túpac Amaru II.

French spy François Henri de la Motte is hanged and drawn before a large crowd at Tyburn, London in England for high treason. Battle of Groton Heights: A British force under Benedict Arnold attacks a fort in Groton, Connecticut, achieving a strategic victory. Battle of Eutaw Springs, South Carolina: The war’s last significant battle, in the Southern theatre, ends in a narrow British tactical victory. American Revolution: Graves gives up trying to break through the now-reinforced French fleet and returns to New York, leaving Cornwallis to his fate. American Revolution: American and French troops begin a siege of the British at Yorktown, Virginia. The first bagpipes competition is held in the Masonic Arms, Falkirk, Scotland.

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