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The Chuck Berry Bibliography — Books about Chuck Berry Chuck Berry’s impact on popular music is important enough annotated bibliography instructions only to lead to Web sites describing his work and life.

Also there are many books covering this subject. Here you’ll find stuff to read when your computer is turned off. Internet record shops which currently stock this item. If you want one of these books, just one more click takes you directly to the corresponding order page of your favorite shop. First published in 2001 the book consists mainly of a 240 page commented «sessionography», a list of 93 recording sessions Chuck participated in between 1954 and 2000. For each session Fred lists the musicians and the songs recorded, whether released or not.

For every song he shows a few main records containing it. He also fully describes and criticises every recording. Long Distance Information additionally contains listings of Chuck Berry’s main record releases, chart entries, TV, video and film appearances, as well as cover versions. Chuck Berry’s recorded legacy is not complete yet, though. Since 2001 there have surfaced some additional recordings. The Blog also provides a platform to discuss open questions and how you can help making the book even better. Chuck Berry’s Records While Fred Rothwell’s book only shows the most important Chuck Berry records, collectors typically want to know more about the records they own, and the ones they don’t.

While I have more than 500 Chuck Berry records and approximately the same number of CDs, I never tried to find each and every pressing or version of a record. Often the ones in my collection are cheaper re-issues. So when readers ask me about a special label or cover variant, my typical reply was that I don’t know. Morten Reff’s book answers maybe not all, but most of your questions. Now we finally know that there are five different versions of the Dutch variant of Berry’s On Stage album, just in case you try to collect all of them. I found it astonishing to see how much even I did not know about Berry’s records.

Morten has documented Chuck Berry’s released records world-wide to a much greater extend than anyone ever before. The ones for most of Central and Northern Europe also look fairly complete to me. There’s only one record documented to be published in Peru, so there may be room for extensions. Some details you may be looking for you will not find in Morten’s book.

For instance it seems to be impossible to document all the typeface and type size differences for those records pressed in millions. Too many pressing plants, too many printers, too many annotated bibliography instructions. Morten wisely choose not to go into details here. But on the other hand you get many more details than you probably expect.

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For instance Morten has actually listened to all the records and therefore comments on sound quality, the use of mono, stereo, and electronically altered versions, and much more. Many, yes: many of the records Morten shows I have never seen before. And this does not only cover the more obscure Korean, Taiwanese or Philippinian releases. Even some of the Dutch or English records I have not seen before. Where available Morten has listed year of release, track listing, correct and incorrect composer credits, song variants, and more. Often he shows cover and label, including variants such as promotional copies.

In this book you will find all the bootlegs, all the radio station albums, all the soundtracks. But this is only the start of it. In addition this second volume lists all of Berry’s appearances in the movies and in TV, all concerts outside the U. As in Volume 1, Morten Reff not only simply lists the collector’s items. He always comments, recommends or criticises, thus telling you exactly what you need to have and what you can omit easily. 70 pages alone contain an extended version of this bibliography listing books about Berry, songbooks, related books, and some 150 notable magazine articles.

The major problem with this music sharing is that most of the files are pirated, which has caused a stir in the music industry.
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