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If you look around the place you live, you know the buildings architectural thesis proposals around you are built by architects.

These people are the ones who make the buildings we see. Architecture is considered both an art and science, which comes in the form of buildings and houses. It involves a lot of drawing, planning, and measurements. Architects often study for more than five years to get a license. A big part of an architect’s life is making proposals for their prospective clients. These proposals are usually for the construction of new buildings. There will be an agreement between the contractor and the architect, or in another case, the architectural firm.

Architects usually make a lot of money out of these. An architectural proposal is a very specific document since it includes a lot of things. Writing a proposal like this should be done carefully and backed with supporting documents. It should be realistic and meet the goals stated in the proposal. Cover Page The cover page is the first thing architectural thesis proposals is seen in any proposal.

How to write a proposal for thesis

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Architects should have a good design on their cover page, may it be colorful or minimalist. The cover page has some kind of power in attracting a reader’s interest. Introduction The introduction is another thing that matters in a proposal. In here, the company and its background are introduced. The services offered are introduced as well. The company should include its mission and vision in the introduction to give clients a clear concept of your intentions of signing a contract with them.

This is where you also begin to introduce your proposal on the upcoming construction. Detailed Design Specification Pick up where you left off in the introduction. Now is the time to give details on the proposed building. State how many stories to be constructed and where to build it.

This part includes the exact measurements and the parts to be built as well such as the comfortable rooms, parking area, lobbies, elevators, and fire exits. Process and Timeline This part discusses the steps in the construction and how long it’s going to take. In this one, you need to discuss with your clients about how to get the work done. Present a clear timeline of the whole construction process. Case Study Research on case studies related to your project. Compare it with the project you want to work on and see the differences.

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