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Matoaka», «Princess Matoika», and «Rebecca Rolfe» redirect here. For the American towns, see Matoaca, Virginia and Matoaka, West Virginia. For the transport ship, see USS Princess Matoika. Pocahontas by Simon van de Passe 1616.

Pocahontas was captured and held for ransom by the English during Anglo-Indian hostilities in 1613. During her captivity, she converted to Christianity and took the name Rebecca. When the opportunity arose for her to return to her people, she chose to remain with the English. In 1616, the Rolfes travelled to London. Pocahontas was presented to English society as an example of the «civilized savage» in hopes of stimulating investment in the Jamestown settlement.

She became something of a celebrity, was elegantly fĂȘted, and attended a masque at Whitehall Palace. Numerous places, landmarks, and products in the United States have been named after Pocahontas. Her story has been romanticized over the years, and she is a subject of art, literature, and film. Pocahontas’s birth year is unknown, but some historians estimate it to have been around 1596. Smith described the Pocahontas he met in the spring of 1608 as «a child of ten years old». Pocahontas was the daughter of Chief Powhatan, paramount chief of Tsenacommacah, an alliance of about 30 Algonquian-speaking groups and barbara kingsolver childhood biography questions and answers chiefdoms in Tidewater, Virginia.

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Pocahontas’s childhood was probably little different from that of most girls who lived in Tsenacommacah. She would have learned how to perform what was considered women’s work: foraging for food and firewood, farming, and searching for the plant materials used in building thatched houses. As she grew older, she would have helped other members of Powhatan’s household with preparations for large feasts. At the time Pocahontas was born, it was common for Powhatan Native Americans to be given several personal names, have more than one name at the same time, have secret names that only a select few knew, and to change their names on important occasions.

Bestowed at different times, the names carried different meanings and might be used in different contexts. The 18th-century historian William Stith claimed that «her real name, it seems, was originally Matoax, which the Indians carefully concealed from the English and changed it to Pocahontas, out of a superstitious fear, lest they, by the knowledge of her true name, should be enabled to do her some hurt. Pocahontas’s Christian name, Rebecca, may have been a symbolic gesture to Rebecca of the Book of Genesis who, as the mother of Jacob and Esau, was the mother of two «nations», or distinct peoples. Pocahontas has been considered in popular culture a princess. In 1841, William Watson Waldron of Trinity College, Dublin, in Ireland, published Pocahontas, American Princess: and Other Poems, calling her «the beloved and only surviving daughter of the king». In this chromolithograph credited to the New England Chromo.

Company, around 1870, Pocahontas saves the life of John Smith. The scene is idealized and relies on stereotypes of Native Americans rather than reliable information about the particulars of this historical moment. Pocahontas is most famously linked to the English colonist Captain John Smith, who arrived in Virginia with a hundred other settlers in April 1607, at the behest of the London Company. In 1616, Smith wrote a letter to Queen Anne in anticipation of Pocahontas’s visit to England.

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