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The grant programme aims to promote the implementation of chemistry research proposal research projects in green chemistry by young scientists that respect the 12 principles of green chemistry.

Successful projects will be selected by an international scientific jury. The deadline for chemistry research proposal of applications for this third round of applications is 28 February 2018. The next round of applications will also be announced on this web site in September 2018.

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For detailed information, please read the applications documents below carefully. This special grant will be awarded to a project in green chemistry, by a young scientists, focusing on innovations in the processing and utilization of phosphogypsum, a mineral technogenic waste material produced in great quantities. The deadline for submission of applications is 28 February 2018. The other files are downloadable in Word format. The application documents are the same for both the grant in green chemistry and the grant concerning phosphogypsum. The 1871 periodic table constructed by Dmitri Mendeleev.

The periodic table is one of the most potent icons in science, lying at the core of chemistry and embodying the most fundamental principles of the field. The history of chemistry represents a time span from ancient history to the present. By 1000 BC, civilizations used technologies that would eventually form the basis of the various branches of chemistry. The protoscience of chemistry, alchemy, was unsuccessful in explaining the nature of matter and its transformations. However, by performing experiments and recording the results, alchemists set the stage for modern chemistry. Chemistry is considered to have become an established science with the work of Antoine Lavoisier, who developed a law of conservation of mass that demanded careful measurement and quantitative observations of chemical phenomena.

A 100,000-year-old ochre-processing workshop was found at Blombos Cave in South Africa. It indicates that early humans had an elementary knowledge of chemistry. Paintings drawn by early humans consisting of early humans mixing animal blood with other liquids found on cave walls also indicate a small knowledge of chemistry. The earliest recorded metal employed by humans seems to be gold, which can be found free or «native». Small amounts of natural gold have been found in Spanish caves used during the late Paleolithic period, around 40,000 BC. Silver, copper, tin and meteoric iron can also be found native, allowing a limited amount of metalworking in ancient cultures.

Arguably the first chemical reaction used in a controlled manner was fire. Fire affected many aspects of early societies. This process is known as smelting. Mining areas of the ancient Middle East.

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The perceived probability of gain and loss has a direct influence on one’s propensity to take risks, such as the risk of getting caught in a violation of ethical standards.

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