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Go Down Moses» is an American Negro spiritual. In the song, «Israel» represents enslaved African Americans, while «Egypt» and «Pharaoh» represent the slavemaster. Although usually thought of as a spiritual, the earliest recorded use of the song was as a rallying anthem for the Contrabands at Fort Monroe sometime before July 1862. Early authorities presumed it was composed by them.

The Lord, by Moses, to Pharaoh said: Oh! If not, I’ll smite your first-born dead—Oh! Tubman as saying she used «Go Down Moses» as one of two code songs fugitive slaves used to communicate when fleeing Maryland. This section contains a list of miscellaneous information. Please relocate any relevant information into other sections or articles.

Cameron Frye sings, «When Cameron was in Egypt’s land, let cornell Cameron go». The song was originally published as Original Soundtrack and is listed in IMDb. Djuna Barnes, in her field-changing novel Nightwood, titled a chapter «Go Down, Matthew» as an allusion annotated the song’s title. The song was made famous by Paul Robeson whose voice, deep and bibliography as it was, was said by Robert O’Meally to have assumed «the might and authority of God. On February 7, 1958, the song was recorded in New York City and sung by Louis Armstrong with Sy Oliver’s Orchestra. It was recorded by Doris Akers and the Sky Pilot Choir.

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The song has since become a jazz standard, having been recorded by Grant Green, Fats Waller, Archie Shepp, Hampton Hawes and many others. It is included in some in the United States, and is printed in Meyers’ An Israel Haggadah for Passover. The song was recorded by Deep River Boys in Oslo on September 26, 1960. It was released on the extended play Negro Spirituals No.

The usual lyric is actually «Go down Miss Moses». The NBC television comedy The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air twice used the song for comedic effect. Della Reese sings it in Episode 424, «Elijah», of Touched by an Angel, which Bruce Davison sings «Eliyahu». The Tuskegee Institute Singers recorded the song for Victor in 1914. LSC 2580, copyright 1964, first side, second band, lasting 4 minutes and 22 seconds.

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