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Which cover letter formats is right for you?

Cover letters aren’t all created equal. The great ones can convince a hiring leader to spring into action and invite you for an interview, and the bad ones can eliminate you from the running in a moment. One of the keys to writing a good cover letter is knowing not only the right information to include but the right way to format it: you’ll want to let your personal style and unique value shine through. Our cover letter formats and writing tips will help you strut your stuff and showcase your work story next time you apply for a new job. Sitting down to write a cover letter is often a daunting task for jobseekers. Even if you’ve written an outstanding resume that showcases your most impressive accomplishments, writer’s block can set in at the cover letter stage.

It can be difficult to know what to write and how to best sell yourself to a recruiter, but no matter how frustrated you’re feeling, don’t skip this step. Your cover letter is your chance to separate yourself from candidates who have similar credentials and experience. A good cover letter expands upon information listed in your resume without rehashing it. A great cover letter does the same, plus uses keywords and phrases pulled straight from the job ad to make the argument that you’re a perfect fit for the job.

To accomplish this, be sure your cover letter has the following five sections: a heading, a salutation, an introduction, a strong body, and a conclusion. Read on to learn the best practices for writing each of the five sections. Every cover letter should include a heading that contains your contact information. This includes your full name, phone number, and email address. Since snail mail isn’t used as much in the hiring process today, some experts feel that it’s unnecessary to add your street address to your heading. However, if you are looking to relocate for work, it’s a good idea to add your mailing address for transparency. As noted above, it typically doesn’t take a lot of time or energy to find out the name of the hiring manager for an open position, even if it isn’t listed cover letter formats the job ad.

Covering letter formats

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Often a job ad will list this information. Your introduction paragraph is, in essence, your mission statement. Here you outline why you want to work for the company, which role you are applying for, and, briefly, why you are qualified for the role. If you have a personal connection to the company, such a referral, definitely mention it here.

You might also add a line about what has motivated you to apply. For example, if you have been a long-time user of one of the company’s products, this might be a motivator for applying to work for the company. The introduction should only be a few lines but can pack a punch. Please accept my resume as my application to the Marketing Associate position at Pottery Plus. Marketing Manager Joe Johnson referred me to the role. He and I worked together for several years, and he believes that my five years of experience working in busy marketing departments and my proven track record of building and launching successful seasonal retail campaigns make me a great fit for the position.

I am writing to apply for the Store Manager position at Green Apple Market. When I first moved to San Francisco, I lived near the market and shopped there regularly. Throughout my career, my experiences at Green Apple Market have stood out as some of the best customer services I have ever received. During my ten years in the health food industry, I’ve striven to emulate the service I received at your store, which is why I was excited to learn about this opportunity. Notice how the first example calls out the name and title of the employee who is making the referral, names the title of the job he is applying for, and calls attention to the fact that he has the experience that the job ad requires. In the second example, the applicant states a personal connection to the company and is able to briefly articulate her experience and why she would like to join the team.

Again mentions the title of the job she is applying for, her years of experience, and explains briefly why she would be a good fit for the role. She also makes sure to mention the name of the company, which instantly lets the hiring manager know that this is not a cookie cutter cover letter. These paragraphs are all about what you have to offer the employer. Here, highlight examples of relevant work you’ve performed in the past and explain what results it achieved. It goes without saying that these examples should always be ones that reflect positively on your performance in past roles.

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