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For my part, I wrote a lot of prose-poetry a year or two ago, but it wasn’t poetry at all. Great poets always have something to write about. Great poets do not waste time hunting for rhymes and such stuff. Great poets use pictures in their poems. Great poets convey the theme of their poems aptly and beautifully. There is something special about them.

But what makes them so special? Are they God-gifted or do they learn poetry writing skills? Let’s look at the latter, poetry writing skills. To acquire poetry writing skills, one must read and write poetry regularly. Poetry Writing Forms There are many poetry writing forms. A man could make himself hoarse shouting them, but still, they would not be succinctly defined, explained and illustrated.

This article is not meant creative poetry writing a complete guide on poetry writing forms — rather it is just the introduction. This type of poem has fallen out of favour now, but it is still my favourite type of poetry to read. It was made popular by Shakespeare. A type of popular Japanese poem. Modern haiku is different from the traditional Japanese haiku.

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The modern haiku follows a 5-7-5 syllable rhyming structure. Well-written haiku is lovely and pleasurable to read. It takes a lot of skill to write great haiku. I tried my hand at one. Needless to say, even I didn’t like it. Tanka is not as popular as haiku, but poets do write it.

Did you know that some poets write it without any capitalization at all? That’s not uncommon in modern poetry, but it always strikes me as funny. Here are some sample Tanka poems. Although sonnets are my favourite type of poems, pantoums come a pretty close second on my list.

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