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Dyslexia is generally thought of as being the tendency to reverse letter forms — a problem of poor spatial orientation and linear sequential orientation. Dyslexia, meaning «reading difficulty», was originally called «word blindness» and thought to be a visual problem. One of the earliest writers on the subject, Dr Hinshelwood, was an eye surgeon, which may account for the initial emphasis on visual difficulties. Many more recent studies point to language and auditory problems as the fundamental cause.

The information on this dessertation meaning was sourced from the book «Why Aren’t I Learning? It is a great handbook for parents and teachers alike with drug-free treatments you can use at home or in the classroom to overcome dyslexia. The role of the ear with dyslexia Listening is the most basic skill required for verbal communication, and a weakness in listening ability may hinder the development of a strong language base. Consequently, a dyslexic child encounters problems when it comes time to approach the more complex linguistic tasks of writing and reading. If the sounds of speech have not been accurately heard, they cannot be accurately conveyed by symbols. The left hemisphere of the brain is the main centre for processing language. In order for speech sounds to reach the brain efficiently, the right ear must take a leading role in listening because the right ear communicates most directly with the left hemisphere.

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Dr Tomatis contends that people with dyslexia have failed to achieve right ear dominance and thus the order in which they hear sounds becomes jumbled. If they sometimes use the left and sometimes the right ear as the directing ear, sounds may reach the brain at different speeds, so letters will be jumbled. This accounts for errors of reversal, such as writing «was» as «saw» or pronouncing «spaghetti» as «pisghetti». Both hemispheres of the brain play a role in processing language, but the roles they play are different. The balance between the two hemispheres of the brain is of fundamental importance in overcoming dyslexia.

Using Sound Therapy to help treat Dyslexia Sound Therapy is a home based program used during daily activities on a portable player. Children listen through earphones to specially filtered classical music, stories and poems which have been selected for their educational value. The eye must combine with the power and the quality of the ear to make sense of the written sounds. This co-ordination happens easily when the left hemisphere deals primarily with audition and the right hemisphere deals primarily with vision. In dyslexia, the route which allows for phonic analysis has been damaged.

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