Development of hypothesis

The zoo hypothesis speculates on the assumed behavior and development of hypothesis of technically-advanced extraterrestrial life and the reasons they refrain from contacting Earth.

It is one of many theoretical explanations for the Fermi paradox. Aliens might, for example, choose to allow contact once the human species has passed certain technological, political, or ethical standards. They might withhold contact until humans force contact upon them, possibly by sending a spacecraft to planets they inhabit. Alternatively, a reluctance to initiate contact could reflect a sensible desire to minimize risk. The zoo hypothesis assumes first that a large number of alien cultures exist, and second that these aliens have great reverence for independent, natural evolution and development. These ideas are perhaps most plausible if there is a relatively universal cultural or legal policy among a plurality of extraterrestrial civilizations necessitating isolation with respect to civilizations at Earth-like stages of development.

In a universe without a hegemonic power, random single civilizations with independent principles would make contact. This makes a crowded Universe with clearly defined rules seem more plausible. If there is a plurality of alien cultures, however, this theory may break down under the uniformity of motive concept because it would take just a single extraterrestrial civilization to decide to act contrary to the imperative within our range of detection for it to be development, and the probability of such a violation increases with the number of civilizations. With this in mind, a modified zoo hypothesis becomes a more appealing answer to the Fermi of. The time between the emergence hypothesis the first civilization within the Milky Way and all subsequent civilizations could be enormous.

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Even if this first grand civilization is long gone, their initial legacy could live on in the form of a passed-down tradition, or perhaps an artificial life form dedicated to such a goal without the risk of death. Beyond this, it does not even have to be the first civilization, but simply the first to spread its doctrine and control over a large volume of the galaxy. If the oldest civilization still present in the Milky Way has, for example, a 100-million-year time advantage over the next oldest civilization, then it is conceivable that they could be in the singular position of being able to control, monitor, influence or isolate the emergence of every civilization that follows within their sphere of influence. In Olaf Stapledon’s 1937 novel Star Maker, great care is taken by the Symbiont race to keep its existence hidden from «pre-utopian» primitives, «lest they should lose their independence of mind». It is only when such worlds become utopian-level space travellers that the Symbionts make contact and bring the young utopia to an equal footing. In Childhood’s End, a novel by Arthur C.

Prime Directive policy of nonintervention with less technologically advanced cultures which the Federation encounters. In Julian May’s 1987 novel Intervention, the five alien races of the Galactic Milieu keep the Earth under surveillance, but do not intervene until humans demonstrate mental and ethical maturity through a paranormal prayer of peace. Calvin’s remark «Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us. Hollus, a scientist from an advanced alien civilization, denies that her government is operating under the prime directive. In Speaker for the Dead by Orson Scott Card, the human xenobiologists and xenologers, biologists and anthropologists observing alien life, are forbidden from giving the native species, the Pequeninos, any technology or information.

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