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Glastonbury — Waking Dream of Avalon You have been sent to investigate ‘strange phenomena’ at Wick Hollow Hall. Disserted house and grounds have been recently restored, with hopes to open to the public. Features: A complete house , gardens and grounds to explore! Monitor scientific equipment, to record ‘strange phenomena’.

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The Paranormal — tackle puzzles your way. P and other ‘out there’ practises. A Full cast of actors, from various times and predicaments. Esoteric original soundtrack, with songs composed for the story. Glastonbury A mile from Glastonbury, the fields and pastures of Wick Hollow await.

Glastonbury Glastonbury Tor stands over the landscape. Glastonbury Surrounding Wick Hollow, carved stones provide clues to a forgotten history. Glastonbury Glastonbury is a green space, please take any virtual rubbish with you. Glastonbury Avalon is not a mythical place. TCARP Tintagel Castle Archaeology Research Project TCARP. Shadow Tor Studios teamed up with Cornwall Archaeology Unit to digitaly capture and record the excavations and finds at Tintagel Castle for English Heritage.

Excavations have revealed the outlines of buildings, and provided evidence of far-flung connections. More of this sort of material has been found at Tintagel than any other site in Britain. TCARP View the Video of the 3D Model Scans full screen. TCARP Excavating on the southern terrace. TCARP Looking North from the mainland to Tintagel Castle on the headland. TCARP Tintagel is a protected heritage site where all work must be carried out sensitively.

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