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Basic PA Text: Abbas Doctorate Middle East researcher says Education Doctorate thesis must demand that PA remove the document from its school curriculum.

The Center’s Director, David Bedein, has asked Education Minister Gideon Saar and the government of Israel to demand that the PA remove the work from its schools and from its curricula. Bedein wrote that the Center is engaged in preparing a movie on the PA educational system, in the course of which it tracks that which is taught in PA classrooms. Mahmoud Abbas stars, and forms the basis of PA Holocaust studies. The doctorate was published as a book in 1984, entitled,»The Other Side: the Secret Relationship Between Nazism and Zionism. It was completed in 1982 at a university in Communist Russia, and was defended at the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Zionist leaders of encouraging the persecution of Jews. It also denies that the gas chambers were used to murder Jews, quoting a «scientific study» to that effect by French Holocaust-denier Robert Faurisson. Jewish victims reached six million, but at the same time it is possible that the figure is much smaller—thesis one million. The historian and author, Raoul Hilberg, thinks that the figure does not exceed 890,000. This led them to emphasize this figure in order to gain the solidarity of international public opinion with Zionism. Medoff writes that Abbas writes in his dissertation that the Zionist leaders actually wanted Jews to be murdered, because «having more victims meant greater rights and stronger privilege to join the negotiation table for dividing the spoils doctorate war once it was over. Quickness: Get the eligibility results within 24 hours.

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