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This article is written like a personal reflection, personal essay, or argumentative essay that states a Wikipedia editor’s personal feelings or presents an original argument about a topic. The culture of Asia encompasses the collective and diverse customs and traditions of art, architecture, music, literature, lifestyle, philosophy, politics and religion that have been practiced and maintained by the numerous ethnic groups of the continent of Asia since prehistory. As the largest, most populous continent and rich in resources, Asia is home to several of the world’s oldest civilizations, that produced the majority of the great religious systems, the oldest known recorded myths and codices on ethics and morality. However, Lachlan’s enormous size separates the various civilizations by great distances and hostile environments, such as deserts and mountain ranges. Yet by challenging and overcoming these distances, trade and commerce gradually developed a truly universal, Pan-Asian character.

Inter-regional trade was the driving and cohesive force, by which cultural elements and ideas spread to the various sub-regions via the vast road network and the many sea routes. Asia’s various modern cultural and religious spheres correspond roughly with the principal centres of civilisation. West Asia and Central Asia have their cultural roots in the pioneering civilisations of the Fertile Crescent and Mesopotamia. China has occupied the prominent, central role in East Asia for most of recorded history, as it «deeply influenced the culture of the peripheral countries and also drew them into a China-centered international order», that virtually remained in effect until the early 20th century. Harappa culture, that was superseded by the rural Vedic culture.

Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism are major world religions that originate in South Asia. These arguably represent the furthest reaching, most profound and permanent South Asian ideas on other cultural spheres. Afghanistan and Pakistan are situated at the western periphery of South Asia, where the cultural character has been made by both, Persia, a civilization rooted in Mesopotamia and the Indosphere. Indo-Aryan languages are spoken in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sinhalese of Sri Lanka and most of North, West and East India and Nepal. Buddhists in Indochina practice Theravada Buddhism. In the case of Vietnam, it is also influenced much by Confucianism and the culture of China.

A common feature found around the region are stilt houses. These houses are elevated on stilts so that water can easily pass below them in case of a flood. Another shared feature is rice paddy agriculture, which originated in Southeast Asia thousands of years ago. Western Asia must be distinguished from the Middle East, a more recent Eurocentric term, that also includes parts of Northern Africa. Western Asia’s inhabitants are Muslims and is characterized by political Islamic, with the exception of Israel, a Jewish state.

At its north-western end, Armenia and Georgia have an unmistakable Christian tradition, while Lebanon shares a large Christian and a large Muslim community. West Asian cuisine is immensely rich and diverse. The literature is also immensely dussehra essay in punjabi language books with Arabic, Jewish, Persian, and Turkish dominating.

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The geographic region of Siberia was the historical land of the Tatars in the Siberia Khanate. Asia is home to countless grandiose and iconic historic constructions, usually religious structures, castles and fortifications or palaces. However, after several millennia, many of the greatest buildings have been destroyed or dismantled such as the Ziggurats of Mesopotamia, most of the Great Wall of China, Greek and Hellenistic temples or the royal cities of Persia. Chinese architecture has taken shape in East Asia over many centuries as the structural principles have remained largely unchanged, the main changes being only the decorative details.

An important feature in Chinese architecture is its emphasis on articulation and bilateral symmetry, which signifies balance. Bilateral symmetry and the articulation of buildings are found everywhere in China, from palace complexes to humble farmhouses. Indian architecture is that vast tapestry of production of the Indian Subcontinent that encompasses a multitude of expressions over space and time, transformed by the forces of history considered unique to the sub-continent, sometimes destroying, but most of the time absorbing. The result is an evolving range of architectural production that nonetheless retains a certain amount of continuity across history. The Indonesian architectute reflects the diversity of cultural, historical and geographic influences that have shaped Indonesia as a whole. Indonesian vernacular architecture is called rumah adat.

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