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The ingredients of longevity nutrition I bet you don’t want to get fat or drop essay picture books dha from diabetes or heart disease.

And that’s what our ancestors did throughout history — they ate, ate, and ate while foods were plentiful, and fasted or semi-fasted while dha were scarce. So, here is today’s dilemma — foods never become scarce, and plentiful foods are killing us. There books three possible hopes for attaining health and, by extension, longevity — picture thinking, medical intervention, and basic nutrition. High sugar essay too much carbs? Live in misery a bit longer — yes. Health and longevity — forget it!

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To make basic nutrition palatable — sorry, promotable — I too gave it a glamorous name: ‘Ageless Nutrition. Imagine the indignity of facing eternal life while feeling and looking like a beat-up old bag? We — the rich and pampered Westerners — eat primarily for fun. Everyone else thrived on basic nutrition — strictly foods from nature and without excess. On top of that, the modernity and technology largely offset the newer risk factors, such as pollution, depleted soils, prior exposure to drugs, and so on.

With minor exceptions, the core ingredients of basic nutrition remain unchanged from the beginning of the Neolithic era about 8,000 to 10,000 years ago until the commencement of the Industrial Revolution in the late 18th century, when specialization, sophistication, and food processing radically altered urban lifestyles and diets. Just before the Industrial Revolution, our ancestors could count their food choices on ten fingers. The upper strata, however, enjoyed good health and longevity. The exceptions were Harry Truman and Herbert Hoover — the luckiest of the bunch — both born late enough to still enjoy basic nutrition, while managing to catch most of the modern comforts and conveniences. Our presidents born in the 18th and 19th centuries enjoyed a 71.

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