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You can also access a virtual forwarding letters safe mailbox on line.

You will find the most suitable mail solution for you. You sign a specific agreement used to notify all French legal authorities. If you wish, we will discard useless adverts. On your instruction, we scan either just the envelopes, or all the documents. We offer automatic or on-demand mail forwarding to any destination you forwarding letters. Our friendly internet software will offer several shipping methods and indicate the freight rates.

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CDV French Office is your trustworthy partner, here to help manage and expand your business in France. How to access our Mail Services ? There will be a plan to fit your particular requirements. The plans are set out in a table to allow you to compare them and help you decide.

The price for each service is clearly noted. Most of our mail plans are open-ended with no commitment period. Once you have chosen your plan, you suscribe online and immediately receive your French Address and agreement by email. Do you need a French Address where your packages can be delivered? With CDV French Office you get your very own French address enabling you to buy from any French or European merchant. Our logistic platform will receive all your packages and forward them at your convenience to wherever you are in the world.

Our competitive shipping rates are available online. Would you like to expand your e-business in France ? Do you need an address for your customers returns ? Our warehouse receive all your boxes or even pallets. Consolidation and repacking services are also available for you. You can manage your inventory on line and can place your shipping orders.

Take for example, the logo of an apple.
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