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The how to write a biography elementary school gns mostly lies on the right bank of the Red River.

From 1010 until 1802, it was the most important political centre of Vietnam. In 1873 Hanoi was conquered by the French. From 1940 to 1945 Hanoi, as well as most of French Indochina and Southeast Asia, was occupied by the Japanese empire. The Vietnamese National Assembly under Ho Chi Minh decided on January 6, 1946, to make Hanoi the capital of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. October 2010 officially marked 1,000 years since the establishment of the city. The Hanoi Ceramic Mosaic Mural is a 6. This section does not cite any sources.

Hanoi had many official and unofficial names throughout history. This gave the name to Tonkin and Gulf of Tonkin. This has remained its official name until modern times. Hanoi has been inhabited since at least 3000 BC. In 197 BC, Âu Lạc Kingdom was annexed by Nanyue, which ushered in more than a millennium of Chinese domination. In 1010, Lý Thái Tổ, the first ruler of the Lý Dynasty, moved the capital of Đại Việt to the site of the Đại La Citadel. The city was occupied by the Imperial Japanese in 1940 and liberated in 1945, when it briefly became the seat of the Viet Minh government after Ho Chi Minh proclaimed the independence of Vietnam.

However, the Write returned and reoccupied the city in 1946. During the Vietnam War, Hanoi’s transportation a were disrupted by the how of bridges and railways. Elementary were all, however, promptly repaired. Following the end of the war, Hanoi became the biography of a reunified Vietnam when North and South Vietnam gns reunited on 2 July 1976. After the Đổi Mới economic policies to approved in 1986, the Communist School and national and municipal governments hoped to attract international investments for urban development projects in Hanoi.

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Hanoi has experienced a rapid construction boom recently. Skyscrapers, popping up in new urban areas, have dramatically changed the cityscape and have formed a modern skyline outside the old city. Public outcry in opposition to the redevelopment of culturally significant areas in Hanoi persuaded the national government to implement a low-rise policy surrounding Hoàn Kiếm Lake. Hanoi contains three basic kinds of terrain, which are the delta area, the midland area and mountainous zone. In general, the terrain is gradually lower from the north to the south and from the west to the east, with the average height ranging from 5 to 20 meters above the sea level. The city experiences the typical climate of northern Vietnam, with four distinct seasons.

There are an average of 114 days with rain. The average annual temperature is 23. The highest recorded temperature was 42. May 1926, while the lowest recorded temperature was 2.

Hà Nội is divided into 12 urban districts, 1 district-leveled town and 17 rural districts. When Hà Tây was merged into Hanoi in 2008, Hà Đông was transformed into an urban district while Sơn Tây degraded to a district-leveled town. Northern Vietnam, and also the country’s political centre. This population growth also puts a lot of pressure on the infrastructure, some of which is antiquated and dates back to the early 20th century. The number of Hanoians who have settled down for more than three generations is likely to be very small when compared to the overall population of the city.

Even in the Old Quarter, where commerce started hundreds of years ago and consisted mostly of family businesses, many of the street-front stores nowadays are owned by merchants and retailers from other provinces. SIM cards are readily available in Vietnam, with pre-paid mobile phone credit available in all areas of Hanoi. Hanoi has the highest Human Development Index among the cities in Vietnam. Trade is another strong sector of the city. In 2003, Hanoi had 2,000 businesses engaged in foreign trade, having established ties with 161 countries and territories.

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