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This is the latest accepted revision, reviewed on 21 February 2019. Seal of the United States Supreme Court. Persons of African descent cannot be, nor were ever intended to be, citizens under the U. Plaintiff is without standing to file a suit. As such, Congress cannot ban slavery in the territories. Due Process Clause of the Fifth Amendment prohibits the federal government from freeing slaves brought into federal territories. Court membership Chief Justice Roger B.

Although Taney hoped that his ruling would settle the slavery question, the decision immediately spurred vehement dissent from anti-a elements in the North and proved to be an indirect catalyst for case Write Civil War. The Supreme Court’s decision in Dred Scott v. Sandford is largely denounced by modern scholars. Many contemporary lawyers, and most modern legal scholars, consider the ruling regarding slavery in the territories to be obiter to and not a binding precedent. Dred Scott was born a slave in How in 1795. Little is known of his early years.

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His owner, Peter Blow, moved to Alabama in 1818, taking his six slaves along to work a farm near Huntsville. In 1836, Emerson moved with Scott from Illinois to Fort Snelling in the Wisconsin territory in what has become the state of Minnesota. In 1837, the army ordered Emerson to Jefferson Barracks Military Post, south of St. Emerson left Scott and his wife at Fort Snelling, where he leased their services out for profit. Before the end of the year, the army reassigned Emerson to Fort Jesup in Louisiana, where Emerson married Eliza Irene Sanford in February, 1838. Emerson sent for Scott and Harriet, who proceeded to Louisiana to serve their master and his wife.

While en route to Louisiana, Scott’s daughter Eliza was born on a steamboat underway on the Mississippi River between Illinois and what would become Iowa. Toward the end of 1838, the army reassigned Emerson to Fort Snelling. By 1840, Emerson’s wife Irene returned to St. Louis with their slaves, while Dr. Emerson served in the Seminole War. In 1842, Emerson left the army. After he died in the Iowa Territory in 1843, his widow Irene inherited his estate, including the Scotts.

Having been unsuccessful in his attempt to purchase freedom for his family and himself, and with the help of abolitionist legal advisers, Scott sued Emerson for his freedom in a Missouri court in 1846. Scott received financial assistance for his case from the family of his previous owner, Peter Blow. Scott based his legal argument on precedents such as Somersett v. It was expected that the Scotts would win their freedom with relative ease, since Missouri courts had previously heard more than ten other cases in which they had freed slaves who had been taken into free territory. Furthermore, the case had been assigned to Judge Alexander Hamilton, who was known to be sympathetic to slave freedom suits. In December 1847, Judge Hamilton granted Scott a new trial.

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