How to write a summary of an article

How you summarize how to write a summary of an article article is dependent on a few factors.

If the article is important to what you’re writing, you may want to summarize it with a bit more detail. If the article has a small connection to your work though, you can get away with summarizing a small piece of it. Knowing how to summarize an article is an important aspect of writing. For many writers, there’s always the possibility that they will need to use other sources in their work.

A summary is a great alternative to a simple paraphrase or quote when referencing a piece of work. Being able to summarize an article is important, especially when you’re in college. It’s a part of college writing that practically every student will have to learn. If you want to learn how to summarize articles and use references for your work, check out the course in Udemy College Writing Essentials. Before you actually read the article entire though, you should scan through it.

Highlight some of write important points of the article. Make sure how you identify the thesis statement and the supporting points throughout. Try to get a good understanding of what the article is discussing. After you’ve to summary it and made your marks, read the article of look for the more specific details. If you find a particular section that looks important or is more difficult than the others, then you should read it over a few more times and note of there is anything there that you should put in your an. A article a few questions about the article.

Article critique

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Make sure that you believe the article makes sense and that it seems credible. Even if you write a great summary about an article, it does no good as a reference if it isn’t written properly. Writing in Your Own Words As you read through the article and write down certain facts and pieces of information, try to put it in your own words. Don’t just change a few words around or rearrange them either. Use entirely new text to write what you’re reading.

It’s important to keep things in your own words in order to prevent yourself from plagiarizing. In the world of writing, plagiarizing unacceptable. If you have trouble putting things into your own words, don’t worry. You can use dictionaries to help you come up with synonymous terms.

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Just fine art dissertation to be yourself and use your own words for that.

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