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It takes care of the plumbing, and lets you concentrate how to write an annotation what’s really important.

By simplifying your code, it facilitates its maintenance. The ratio of time spent reading versus writing is well over 10 to 1 making it easy to read makes it easier to write. ANVIL is a free video annotation tool, developed by Michael Kipp. It offers multi-layered annotation based on a user-defined coding scheme. During coding the user can see color-coded elements on multiple tracks in time-alignment. Some special features are cross-level links, non-temporal objects, timepoint tracks, coding agreement analysis, 3D viewing of motion capture data and a project tool for managing whole corpora of annotation files.

Anvil can display waveform and pitch contour. Exported tables can be used for analysis in statistical toolkits like SPSS or Statistica. The coming version will also be able to import ELAN files. See our publications page for information on how to cite Anvil in your publications and for published related work. For a more systematic introduction watch the ANVIL tutorial videos. Feel free to also download the slides as PDF. Please note that you can increase the quality of the video by clicking on the small how to write an annotation wheel icon that appears in the lower right corner once you start playing a video.

Writing an annotated bibliography

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You can watch this video up front or just come back to this later after having seen some more hands-on tutorials. Anvil is not the ideal tool for this. Therefore, this video explains how to transcribe the words from an audio file with the PRAAT software. To annotate according to this standard in ANVIL you need to download and use the following specification file: diaml-spec-v0. As a default, two participants are specified.

You can extend the number of participants for each dialogue by copy-pasting a line at the very end of the specification file. Using DiAML and ANVIL for multimodal dialogue annotation. Towards an ISO standard for dialogue act annotation. In: Proceedings of LREC 2010, Malta, pp. This can now be considered a stable version and should be preferred over Anvil 5.

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