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The letter of the law versus the spirit of the law is an idiomatic antithesis. Law» originally referred to legislative statute, but in the idiom may refer to any kind of rule. Intentionally following the letter of the law but not the spirit may be accomplished through exploiting technicalities, loopholes, and ambiguous language. Constitution have historically divided on the «Letter versus Spirit» debate. The Federalists would have represented the «spirit» aspect. Modern Constitutional interpretation also divides on these lines.

Currently, Living Constitution scholars advocate a «spirit»-esque interpretative strategy, although one grounded in a spirit that reflects intention letter powers. The Christian Bible references the letter and the spirit of the law in 2 Cor 3:6 NASB. Though it is not quoted directly, the principle is applied using the words «spirit» and «letter» in context with the legalistic view of the Hebrew Bible. This is the first recorded use of the phrase.

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In the Gospels, Jesus is often shown as being critical of Pharisees. Pharisees, like Jesus, believed in the resurrection of the dead, and in divine judgment. New Testament texts to address this theme. The passage concerns a dialogue between Jesus and an «expert in the law» or «lawyer». Him saying, Teacher what must I do to inherit eternal life? It is then that Jesus responds with the story of a man beaten by robbers who is ignored by a Priest and a Levite, but then rescued and compassionately cared for by a Samaritan.

The knowledge of God will deem it no longer necessary to put it into written words of instruction. This section does not cite any sources. Gaming the system, also called «rules lawyering», is a pejorative phrase applied to someone who follows the letter of the law to obtain an outcome the speaker finds immoral or contrary to the spirit of the law. There are two reasons why this can be possible. Babalonian Talmud Tractate Baba Metzia 115a, Sanhedrin 21a. The Holy Bible, New King James Version, 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc.

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