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The history of journalism, or the development of the gathering and transmitting of news spans the growth of technology and trade, marked by the advent of specialized techniques for gathering and disseminating information on a journalism dissertation basis that has caused, as one history of journalism surmises, the steady increase of «the scope of news available to us and the speed with which it is transmitted.

Venetian coin of the time, the name of which eventually came to mean «newspaper». However, none of these publications fully met the modern criteria for proper newspapers, as they were typically not intended for the general public and restricted to a certain range of topics. Early publications played into the development of what would today be recognized as the newspaper, which came about around 1601. Single event news publications were printed in the broadsheet format, which was often posted.

By 1400, businessmen in Italian and German cities were compiling hand written chronicles of important news events, and circulating them to their business connections. The idea of using a printing press for this material first appeared in Germany around 1600. The news circulated between newsletters through well-established channels in 17th century Europe. Favorite topics included wars, military affairs, diplomacy, and court business and gossip. After 1600 the national governments in France and England began printing official newsletters. In 1622 the first English-language weekly magazine, «A current of General News» was published and distributed in England in an 8- to 24-page quarto format.

Newspapers in all major countries became much more important in the 19th century because of a series of technical, business, political, and cultural changes. High-speed presses and cheap wood-based newsprint made large circulations dissertation. The rapid expansion of elementary education meant a vast increase in the number of potential readers. Political parties sponsored newspapers at the local and national level. All newspapers were subject to prepublication censorship, and served as instruments of propaganda for the monarchy. Under the ancien regime, the most prominent magazines were Mercure de France, Journal des sçavans, founded in 1665 for scientists, and Gazette de Journalism, founded in 1631.

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Jean Loret was one of France’s first journalists. Periodicals were censored by the central government in Paris. They were not totally quiescent politically—often they criticized Church abuses and bureaucratic ineptitude. They supported the monarchy and they played at most a small role in stimulating the revolution. During the Revolution new periodicals played central roles as propaganda organs for various factions.

Magazines flourished after Napoleon left in 1815. Most were based in Paris and most emphasized literature, poetry and stories. They served religious, cultural and political communities. In times of political crisis they expressed and helped shape the views of their readership and thereby were major elements in the changing political culture. For example, there were eight Catholic periodicals in 1830 in Paris.

The press was handicapped during the war by shortages of news, newsprint an young journalists, and by an abundance of censorship designed to maintain home front morale by minimizing bad war news. 6 million a day from 5 million in 1910. Most of the others, from top to bottom, have news columns for sale». He reported that Bec et Ongles was simultaneously subsidized by the French government, German government, and Alexandre Stavisky, and that Italy allegedly paid 65 million francs to French newspapers in 1935.

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The effects of appearance, personality and issue information on evaluations of political candidates.

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