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Erotic literature comprises fictional and factual stories and accounts of human sexual relationships which have the literary fiction books to or are intended to arouse the reader sexually.

Much erotic literature features erotic art, illustrating the text. In ancient Sumer, a whole cycle of poems revolved around the erotic lovemaking between the goddess Inanna and her consort Dumuzid the Shepherd. Many erotic poems have survived from ancient Greece and Rome. The Greek poets Straton of Sardis and Sappho of Lesbos both wrote erotic lyric poems. Persian poet Nizami Ganjavi written in 1197.

This poem is a part of the Nizami’s Khamsa. A famous collection of four erotic poems, was published in England in 1763, called An Essay on Woman. Robert Burns worked to collect and preserve Scottish folk songs, sometimes revising, expanding, and adapting them. Scotland as late as the 20th century. Pierre Louÿs helped found a literary review, La Conque in 1891, where he proceeded to publish Astarte—an early collection of erotic verse already marked by his distinctive elegance and refinement of style. Lawrence could be regarded as a writer of love poems, he usually dealt in the less romantic aspects of love such as sexual frustration or the sex act itself. Ezra Pound in his Literary Essays complained of Lawrence’s interest in his own «disagreeable sensations» but praised him for his «low-life narrative.

From the age of 17, Literary Ewart acquired a reputation for wit and accomplishment through such works as «Phallus in Wonderland» and «Poems and Songs», which appeared in 1939 and was his first collection. Books intelligence and casually flamboyant virtuosity with which he framed his often humorous commentaries on human behaviour made his work invariably entertaining and interesting. This section may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia’s quality standards. The Australian poet Colin Dean as listed in the Australian Literature Resource database has an immense output of erotic verse e. Erotic fiction is the name given to fiction that deals with sex or sexual themes, generally in a more literary or serious way than the fiction seen in pornographic magazines and sometimes including elements of satire or social criticism. From the 15th century, another fiction of Italian erotica is a series of bawdy folk tales called the Facetiae by Gian Francesco Poggio Bracciolini.

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Aretino also wrote the celebrated whore dialogue Ragionamenti in which the sex lives of wives, whores and nuns are compared and contrasted. The rise of the novel in 18th-century England provided a new medium for erotica. This book set a new standard in literary smut and was often adapted for the cinema in the 20th century. Meanwhile, French writers kept their stride.

Jean-Baptiste de Boyer, Marquis d’Argens which describes a girl’s initiation into the secrets of both philosophy and sex. In the Victorian period, the quality of erotic fiction was much below that of the previous century—it was largely written by ‘hacks’. Some works, however, borrowed from established literary models, such as Dickens. Clandestine erotic periodicals of this age include The Pearl, The Oyster and The Boudoir, collections of erotic tales, rhymes, songs and parodies published in London between 1879 and 1883.

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