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Please forward this error screen to sharedip-16015357199. Growing up, my younger brother had a unique plush toy. My brother, however, had a stingray. Because that’s how we grew up, and that’s what we knew, I tended not to think much of it, at least not in a meaningful way. I am one of those ill-behaved readers who opens a collection of poems to a random page before going back to the beginning.

Comparing the lungs to a stingray is strange enough to be surreal, yet the way Maddox’s description unfolds allows the reader to believe, almost, that the two could be literally interchanged, creating one of those rare and real moments during which the adult reader might discover something new. Although this particular moment holds an extra layer of meaning for me because of my childhood, I do not believe some sort of fate led me to begin on that page. Rather, Maddox is one of those truly exceptional poets who is able to, through her own experiences and imagination, dip sincerely into a variety of readers’ messy heart brains, authentically exploring and animating even the most platitude-prone topics. Maddox reaches beyond the body and the self. She reminds us of the importance of connecting with others, of getting out of our own heads and loving, even when the odds are against us. The sing-song, slant-rhyme nature of these lines echoes the jeers of childhood bullies, I think, which brings the moment alive and also gives us further reason to ignore the neighbors’ ridicule. This collection is resonant yet accessible, and I would readily gift it to even the non-poetry readers in my life.

However, it also offers opportunities for those more attuned to the craft of poetry an excellent study. In addition to being an expert in metaphor, for example, Maddox’s line breaks are superb. Like so many of the pieces in Transplant, Transport, Transubstantiation, the title of literary reviews poem offers us a tangible image but is also the conduit to something more.

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Maddox’s poems are also impressive in their pacing. Heather Lang Cassera serves as World Literature Editor for The Literary Review. She holds an MFA in Poetry with a Certificate in Literary Translation from Fairleigh Dickinson University. In 2017 she was named Las Vegas’ Best Local Writer or Poet by the readers of KNPR’s Desert Companion. At Literary Classics, we believe literature is a critical component in the development of young minds. Richer than I you can never be.

I had a mother who read to me. Through well-crafted literature we foster creative thinking, enhance word recognition, improve cognitive skills and help achieve a greater understanding of people and the world around us. 10 days of the entry deadline. We are now accepting entries for the 2019 Literary Classics International Book Awards and Top Honors Book Awards. New York: Random House, April 28, 1966.

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