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Since the death of Mary Wilson, Baroness Wilson of Rievaulx on 6 June 2018, Lady Avon is the oldest living wife of a British Prime Minister. Jack Churchill, born in 1880, became an army officer and served with distinction in the Boer War, after which he returned to civilian life, having been found a position as a stockbroker by the financier Sir Ernest Cassel. Clarissa Spencer-Churchill was born at her parents’ house in the Cromwell Road, Kensington, London. In 1937 Clarissa studied art in Paris. When Clarissa returned to London she enrolled at the Slade School of Fine Art. In 1940, encouraged by economist Roy Harrod, Clarissa went to Oxford to study philosophy, although not as an undergraduate because of her lack of qualifications. While there she became associated with, among other leading academics, Isaiah Berlin and Maurice Bowra.

When Clarissa moved back to London, she decoded ciphers in the Communications Department maggy rouff biography of michael the Foreign Office, where her future husband was the Secretary of State from 1940 to 1945. Weidenfeld and edited by Philip Toynbee. Weidenfeld was keen to expand into book publishing and Contact, which appeared with a hard cover, offered a means of circumventing post-war paper quotas. As a result of this eclectic early career, she widened her circle of friends and contacts beyond those in society and politics with whom she already had close connections.

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Glimpses of Clarissa Spencer-Churchill’s life as a single woman, for example, in diaries and other reminiscences, are quite extensive. A photograph on the dust jacket of her memoir, depicting a young, pensive Clarissa Spencer-Churchill, cigarette in hand, conveyed an alluring and slightly Bohemian image. Having lost both parents by her mid twenties, Clarissa Spencer-Churchill was comparatively independent for a young woman of her time. 47, who, thirty years her senior, had also been a friend of her mother: «I was the only woman who he never got more than a peck on the cheek from». Clarissa was a long-standing friend of Ann Fleming, wife of novelist Ian Fleming and lover of Hugh Gaitskell, leader of the Labour Party from 1955 to 1963, who had previously been married to Viscount Rothermere.

There was some further contact during the war, by virtue of the circles in which she and Eden both moved and through her uncle Winston, who became Prime Minister in May 1940. Butler, then Minister of Education, recalled a dinner party in Eden’s flat above the Foreign Office, following the German invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941. A more defined relationship with Eden, who was a married man 23 years older than Clarissa, developed gradually after they had sat next to each other at a dinner party in about 1947. Eden had been monopolised for much of the meal by a woman on his other side and afterwards, in an undertone, invited Clarissa out to dinner. There was criticism of the marriage in the Church Times—»Mr.

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