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On any given nejm review in a family medical practice, you likely serve patients of all ages with a variety of acute and chronic problems, where you work between diagnosis and management and have to communicate effectively and manage your records and staff.

Family Medicine Board Review, a comprehensive question bank built on an online adaptive learning platform, was developed with busy clinicians like you in mind. Family Medicine Board Review is relevant to the ABFM exam — the question bank and practice exams reflect the ABFM blueprint —  and are also relevant to your clinical practice, offering learning and feedback that will help you handle the real-world challenges in your practice. Created and rigorously reviewed by our panel of nearly 300 clinicians from leading medical centers, as well as dozens of primary care and subspecialty expert reviewers. Family Medicine Board Review uses adaptive learning technology to quickly assess the subjects you know well and identify the areas where you need reinforcement. It then delivers more of what you need and less of what you already know. Adaptive learning enables you to spend your time efficiently, focusing on what you need to learn and review. Developed in partnership with Area9 Learning, a global leader in adaptive learning, our solution is the first in the field to incorporate this emerging technology based on the best evidence regarding how people absorb and retain knowledge.

296 AAFP Prescribed credits with easy reporting by date that lets you keep track of what review’ve earned. 00 AAPA Category 1 Self-Assessment CME credits toward certification maintenance. As your proficiency steadily improves and you gain an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, you can approach the exam and your daily clinical practice with true confidence. In your reports, you’ll be able to see how you’re doing by discipline, nejm focus, patient age, location, and urgency of care, and identify where you have a gap between self-confidence and ability. Family Medicine Board Review by Senior Reviewer Mark T.

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Family Medicine Board Review offers two practice exams as another measure to track your performance and help you prepare for your exam. The practice test questions are designed to align with ABFM exam questions and to common, relevant, and challenging clinical scenarios. Each exam offers 60 questions in a timed 2-hour online test that mirrors the format of the boards, so you’ll be ready for the real thing — a pause feature allows you to step away if you like. You can use the practice exams at any point in your exam preparation, depending on how you work best—it’s up to you!

Use the exam before you begin preparing, to evaluate and direct where you want to start learning in the product. Try the practice exam after initial studying, to assess yourself partway through the learning. Use the practice exam at the end of your preparation, to get your timing down the week before your boards. See how your results compare with those of your peers.

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