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The semiotic tradition explores the study of signs robust thinking meaning symbols as a significant part of communications.

Different from linguistics, semiotics also studies non-linguistic sign systems. Italian semiotician and novelist Umberto Eco proposed that every cultural phenomenon may be studied as communication. Morris followed Peirce in using the term «semiotic» and in extending the discipline beyond human communication to animal learning and use of signals. It is possible to conceive of a science which studies the role of signs as part of social life. It would form part of social psychology, and hence of general psychology. It would investigate the nature of signs and the laws governing them. Cited in Chandler’s «Semiotics for Beginners», Introduction.

University of Tartu in Estonia in 1964 of the first semiotics journal, Sign Systems Studies. Thomas Sebeok assimilated «semiology» to «semiotics» as a part to a whole, and was involved in choosing the name Semiotica for the first international journal devoted to the study of signs. Saussurean semiotics have been challenged with serious criticism, for example by Jacques Derrida’s assertion that signifier and signified are not fixed, coining the expression diffĂ©rance, relating to the endless deferral of meaning, and to the absence of a ‘transcendent signified’. The importance of signs and signification has been recognized throughout much of the history of philosophy, and in psychology as well.

The general study of signs that began in Latin with Augustine culminated in Latin with the 1632 Tractatus de Signis of John Poinsot, and then began anew in late modernity meaning the attempt in 1867 by Charles Sanders Peirce to draw up a «new list of categories». Peirce’s distinguished between the interpretant and the interpreter. The interpretant is the internal, mental representation that mediates between the object and its sign. The interpreter is the human who is creating the interpretant. This process of thinking meaning depends on the use of codes that may be the individual sounds or letters that humans use to form words, the body movements they make to robust attitude or emotion, or even something as general as the clothes they wear.

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To explain the relationship between semiotics and communication studies, communication is defined as the process of transferring data and-or meaning from a source to a receiver. Semiotics differs from linguistics in that it generalizes the definition of a sign to encompass signs in any medium or sensory modality. Thus it broadens the range of sign systems and sign relations, and extends the definition of language in what amounts to its widest analogical or metaphorical sense. Semiosis or semeiosis is the process that forms meaning from any organism’s apprehension of the world through signs.

Scholars who have talked about semiosis in their subtheories of semiotics include C. Peirce, John Deely, and Umberto Eco. Cognitive semiotics may also be seen as the study of meaning-making by employing and integrating methods and theories developed in the cognitive sciences. This involves conceptual and textual analysis as well as experimental investigations. A sign, or representamen, is something which stands to somebody for something in some respect or capacity. It addresses somebody, that is, creates in the mind of that person an equivalent sign.

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