The cover letter

Verb taking a direct object—for the cover letter, «Say something.

Cover your body so you don’t feel the cold air. Copriti, così letter senti l’the fredda. When we painted the ceiling cover covered the furniture with old sheets. Quando abbiamo riverniciato il soffitto, abbiamo ricoperto i mobili con dei vecchi lenzuoli.

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The tablecloth covered the entire table. Does the cost of this ticket cover government fees, too? Il costo di questo biglietto copre anche le tasse governative? Does twenty dollars cover all the expenses? Coprono tutte le spese venti dollari? Those red shoes don’t go with my dress.

NOT «Those red shoes don’t go my dress with. Can you cover for me at work on Saturday night? Puoi sostituirmi al lavoro sabato sera? Critics covered the writer with praise after the publication of his first novel. I critici hanno ricoperto l’autore di elogi dopo la pubblicazione del suo primo romanzo.

Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc. They put a cover over the piano to protect it. Hanno messo una copertura al pianoforte per proteggerlo. The book’s cover protects the binding from dust.

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So I got out the tools I started by removing as much solder as possible from the top solder points of the header with de-soldering braid to make my life easier later on when trying to get the actual header pins out.

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