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Jimmy Page as dedication personal emblem. The symbol is probably derived from a sixteenth century treatise by mathematician and occultist Gerolamo Cardano, where it is used to represent the planet Saturn for purposes of magic. Page is a Capricorn, a sign ruled by Saturn, and Saturn, of page, is the planetary ruler of lead. The work would have been easily accessible to Jimmy as a collector of occult oddities. Page probably is still laughing at all the ridiculous theories. Yes, he’s pretentious, but here Thesis think he pulled a Duchamp on y’all. Biblical terms, so zoso would be the opposite I’m guessing.

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Yes, because transposing two letters in a word gives you the opposite of the first word. It means something specific to him. Everything here is what it means to you. I repeat: Page’s Zoso symbol symbolizes to me WATER. EARTH, as the most perfect example is the Olympic flag. AIR, which is already so obvious that any association with MU or the Egyptian goddess of justice, confirms just how close the current interpretation, and the whole Zoso, to ridicule.

Nor that the bottom line of the Z is a Half Note? Nooo, it can’t be something musical, it’s gotta be something completely Anti-Christian becuz that’s wut all the kewl d00dz are into, right? Page read a few books on the occult. And yes, Page and Jones were classically-trained.

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