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1 website in the world for putting. VHS tapes and DVD titles also available. To visit the New PZ Shop, click here. If the book is listed as Out-of-print and is not apparently available, send me email and I’ll be glad to try and find a copy for you.

Hey, I used to own a bookstore! Anything on putting by Casper must be read. And Al Barkow is the best writer on putting, bar none. If it’s by Bob Charles, you should read it. He’s famous from the 1960s for testing his golf balls for roundness and balance and in general bringing a meticulous professionalism to the art of putting. And he is a very articulate and faithful reporter about the art. If Charles wrote it, it’s worth reading.

The Left-Hander from New Zealand: A Book of Golf Instruction. OOP, Hardcover, 150 pp, 12 pros give tips. The most comprehensive sports psychology book for putting available. Cohn’s and Winters’ presentation of specifics is vastly superior to the general feel-good ramblings of more widely known sports psychologists, including the best-known ones.

Publisher: «Legendary golf instructor Harvey Penick has said, «Golf should be learned starting at the cup. Now golfers of any skill level can learn how to putt smoothly and accurately with this easy-to-follow, comprehensive guide, loaded with instructional photographs, informational sidebars, and valuable suggestions. An excellent explication of putting basics, with sound biomechanics principles and good common sense suggestions. Probably the most info-packed and useful technique book for the beginner up to advanced putters who haven»t read a lot of instruction books on putting. This book is much more useful and clearer than Pelz’s book on the common ground covered by both, and it goes well beyond Pelz for many topics. Dennis is a former collegaite golfer from Houston who learned from Jackie Burke and others. His brother Clark is a PGA Tour golfer.

Sidetracked by a back ailment, Dennis now teaches out of Plano, Texas, next to Dallas. At the 2000 Colonial in Ft. Worth, he met Nick Faldo, then in his three-year putting slump, and Faldo took a lesson or two. This is top book that deals with the eyes in putting, by an optometrist from Denver. The author books to be expert on green reading, too, but the section is not well conceived. Many will recall Farnsworth’s receiving credit reviewed Nick Faldo’s winning putting performance at the Masters in 1996. Not long thereafter, however, Faldo’s putting sank out of sight, down as low as 180th on Tour in putting stats, for four years.

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Frank is the Editor of Golf Magazine and «co-writes» most of Pelz’s contributions therein. Frank’s stuff is starting to appear online more as an independent guru. This book is a basic overview of putting. It’s pretty conventional, but fairly useful to amateurs.

Raymond Floyd has always been one of the better putters on Tour, but more than that he has very interesting comments and tips about the art of putting, including green reading and some of the more subtle aspects of the art. Very articulate and thoughtful writer, too. An earlier Floyd book that has keen insights into putting. The chapter on putting is a concise and excellent presentation on grip, setup, green reading, and «touch» putting emphasizing comfort and feel.

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