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Development of HTTP was initiated by Tim Berners-Lee at CERN in 1989. Web browsers cache previously accessed web resources and reuse them, when possible, to reduce network traffic. HTTP is an application layer protocol designed within the framework of the Internet protocol suite. The first documented version of HTTP was HTTP V0. 2 was published as RFC 7540 in May 2015. An HTTP session is a sequence of network request-response transactions. 1 a keep-alive-mechanism was introduced, where a connection could be reused for more than one request.

Such persistent connections reduce request latency perceptibly, because the client does not need to re-negotiate the TCP 3-Way-Handshake connection after the first request has transfer sent. 1 introduced chunked transfer encoding to allow content on persistent connections to be streamed rather than buffered. HTTP pipelining further reduces lag time, allowing clients to send multiple requests before waiting for each response. The HTTP Authentication specification also provides an arbitrary, implementation-specific construct for further dividing resources common to a given root URI. The realm value string, if present, is combined with the canonical root URI to form the protection space component essay the challenge. The request message, response header section, and response body are highlighted.

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This is in contrast to HTTP header field names which are case-insensitive. GET The GET method requests a representation of the specified resource. Requests using GET should only retrieve data and should have no other effect. This is also true of some other HTTP methods. One example of this occurring in practice was during the short-lived Google Web Accelerator beta, which prefetched arbitrary URLs on the page a user was viewing, causing records to be automatically altered or deleted en masse.

The beta was suspended only weeks after its first release, following widespread criticism. Methods GET, HEAD, OPTIONS and TRACE, being prescribed as safe, should also be idempotent, as HTTP is a stateless protocol. Ignoring this recommendation, however, may result in undesirable consequences, if a user agent assumes that repeating the same request is safe when it is not. 1 200 OK, which indicates that the client’s request succeeded.

The status line and other header fields must all end with . The standard reason phrases are only recommendations, and can be replaced with «local equivalents» at the web developer’s discretion. If the status code indicated a problem, the user agent might display the reason phrase to the user to provide further information about the nature of the problem. The most popular way of establishing an encrypted HTTP connection is HTTPS. Hello World, this is a very simple HTML document.

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