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For thirteen years, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, functioned as the capital of the Kingdom of Portugal in what some historians call a «metropolitan reversal», transfer essays. In 1807, at the outset of the Peninsular War, Napoleonic forces invaded Portugal due to the Portuguese alliance with Great Britain. On January 22, 1808, John and his court arrived in Salvador, Brazil. There, Prince John signed the «Abertura dos Portos» law which allowed commerce between Brazil and «friendly nations». This was particularly beneficial for Great Britain and can be seen as one of many ways Prince John found to reward the British Empire for their assistance.

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Later on, in attempts to modernize the economy and diversify the production of the colony, Dom João allowed for the establishment of manufacturing industries in 1808 through the signing of the «Alvará de Liberdade para as Indústrias». This meant that Brazil would no longer only be an agricultural producer. When the Portuguese court arrived in Rio de Janeiro on March 7, 1808, Brazil was very sparsely populated, with a little over 3 million inhabitants. Around one-third of the colony’s population consisted of enslaved peoples, most having been captured and shipped from Africa. The then small city of Rio de Janeiro was not prepared to welcome the Portuguese court.

PR’ standing for príncipe regente or prince regent, which meant that the homeowners had to evacuate to allow for the nobility to move in. In an almost silent form of protest, Brazilians quickly gave another meaning to the letters. The relocation of the administrative core of the Portuguese Empire to Brazil had several political ramifications. Dom João and the court found themselves charged with the responsibility to please several different groups of people at the same time.

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