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Electronic calculators appeared between the two world wars, mostly because of the need of uni dissertation balistic calculations.

Each balistic weapon used a specific hand calculated table of trajectories. Calculating a single table took a considerable amount of time. Electronic calculators partially solved this problem until computers arrived. In the 1940s, computers had very limited abilities and could only execute a very short program. They could compute a table of square roots, solve complex equations, etc. The first programs in the world were written on EDSAC, a unique computer built in 1949 at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. One computed a table of square roots, another computer a table of prime numbers.

Computers were also limited by two other factors: their speed and their memory. Each tank stored 16 words of 35 bits. Thus, the display was a matrix of 35 x 16 dots. EDSAC was not very stable but worked pretty well. It operated 600 instructions per second. The picture shown on the top of this page is a simulation of Noughts And Crosses, a Tic-Tac-Toe game programmed in 1952 by A.

Douglas who was passing his PhD degree at the University of Cambridge. His ingenious idea was the use of the tank display Uni dissertation as 35 x 16 pixel screen to display his game. Once the game started, the player specified where he wanted to place his nought or cross using a mechanical telephone dialer.

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Douglas programmed this game is his PhD dissertation about Human-Computer interraction. People willing to read this dissertation will need to visit the library of the University of Cambridge in order to obtain a copy. The software includes a number of programs and subroutines, recent contributions from EDSAC amateurs, as well as a very detailed documentation for those willing to write EDSAC programs. Noughts and Crosses is considered as being the first real graphical computer game and preceeds Space War by almost a decade. One might wonder why it had no success outside of the University of Cambridge. The reason is obvious: EDSAC was unique, so nobody could play the game outside of the University.

3 2 1 A S DOUGLAS, C. Grand Canyon was established by the Arizona Southern Baptist Convention on August 1, 1949, in Prescott, Arizona as Grand Canyon College. In 2000, the university ended its affiliation with the Southern Baptist Convention. The university offers various programs through its nine colleges including doctoral studies, business, education, fine arts and production, humanities and social sciences, nursing and health care professions, science, theology, engineering and technology. The college was founded as a nonprofit institution in 1949 in Prescott.

Suffering financial and other difficulties in the early part of the 21st century, the school’s trustees authorized its sale in January 2004 to California-based Significant Education, LLC, making it the first for-profit Christian college in the United States. After the infusion of capital, Grand Canyon University’s size increased. After having fewer than 1,000 students enrolled in 2008, the university had 17,500 students in the spring of 2017. The federal government sued the college in 2008 for violating the Department of Education’s «incentive compensation ban», which states that no school that accepts federal financial aid can compensate its enrollment counselors based on their enrollment numbers. 2 million to a former employee and the federal government. In fall 2014 the school announced the exploration of a return to non-profit status.

150 million to renovate the campus, adding a brick promenade, an aquatics center, with pool and hot tub, and a cafĂ© offering an assortment of games and big-screen televisions. 125-classroom facility, food court and bowling alley, and a 5000-seat arena. GCU gained widespread attention in August 2016 when it announced its 10 in 2 initiative, the building of 10 on-campus athletic facilities in a two-year span. Highlights of the project included brand new facilities for the university’s soccer, baseball, softball, tennis and beach volleyball programs. It also included a sports medicine expansion, an equipment room expansion, practice facilities for the basketball and golf programs, and a student-athlete academic center.

Americans’ views of gender status differences have been documented ( To cite an entire website, give the address of the site in the text.
Three important causes were: the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, the tangle of alliances, and the costs of war.

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