Whats a thesis statement

Whats a thesis statement

What’s the point of education if Google can whats a thesis statement us anything?

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Whats a thesis statement

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Or who won the 1945 UK general election? Or how many light years away the sun is from the earth? Constant access to an abundance of online information at the click of a mouse or tap of a smartphone has radically reshaped how we socialise, inform ourselves of the world around us and organise our lives. If all facts can be summoned instantly by looking online, what’s the point of spending years learning them at school and university? Some educational theorists have argued that you can replace teachers, classrooms, textbooks and lectures by simply leaving students to their own devices to search and collect information about a particular topic online.

Such ideas have called into question the value of a traditional system of education, one in which teachers simply impart knowledge to students. Such debate about the place and purpose of online searching in learning and assessments is not new. Curation in this sense is about how learners use existing content to produce new content through engaging in problem-solving and intellectual inquiry, and creating a new experience for readers. Curation, therefore, becomes a kind of stewardship of other people’s writing and requires entering into a conversation with the writers of those texts. Curation has, through pervasive connectivity, found its way into educational contexts. There is now a need to better understand how practices of online searching and the kinds of writing emerging from curation can be incorporated into the way we assess students.

I relish the structured nature of calculus, but find the same solace in the mathematical nature of linguistics.
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